Well, we're in 2016, a few days ago and was itching curiosity to see if I had been able to capture 12 photos in 2015 make me feel proud, tell me something or visually impacts me, some meet all or maybe just some conditions, but I think I passed the challenge of achieving "Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop" - Ansel Adams.

Let's why for me are the 12 best pictures of 2015

01- January - The Boston skyline at night from the other river during a very significant trip for me to the United States.


02 - February - Study Session with Ninette Shibara in Studio Central, Martorell.


03 - March - Photo exhibition about St. George, made with light painting with mates Adrià and Tutu.


04 - April - A boat almost sunk at Ebro Delta, that day I woke up very early to reach this area before sunrise.


05 - May - Little green grasshopper photographed during #RallySV15 with extension tubes and macro ring flash always a great experience to participate in this rally.


06 - June - Practice during 2015 iNight at El Alamín (Madrid) with La Llum De La Nit, wonderful people and fabulous conference.


07 - July - Roc born, in the picture just 14 days ♥.


08 - August - Entry of Saint Felix in Vilafranca Festa Major, always spectacular.


09 - September - Roc and Miriam at bathtime ♥♥.


10 - October - From the Castle of Olèrdola, fog at sunrise, that day were doing the Nature Photography Marathon.


11 - November - Starts autumn, last vine leaves to take a red tone, that day well accompanied by Oriol.


12 - December - Light Painting with my group Light Hunters


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